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For Individuals

Investment Accounts
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Roth IRAs
Rollover IRAs
Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
Coverdell Education Accounts
Custom Portfolios

For Employers and Self-Employed

Simple IRAs
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Our Four-Step Process

  1. Discuss your financial goals
  2. Help you understand your risk tolerances
  3. Work with you to create an investment plan
  4. Find and monitor the right portfolio for you


Our research is the cornerstone of our investment strategies. We use traditional models, historical research and the strategic input of our investment advisors to create proprietary portfolios with different levels of risk. Our models are designed to achieve investment solutions using a combination of assets (stocks, bonds, etc.) that will result in the lowest risk (standard deviation) for a desired level of 20-year yearly return.

Individual Approach

We do not merely buy the indexes that make up a model, however. We build upon them by using our expertise and history to select the specific combination of investments to achieve the desired return levels based on the asset allocation recommended by our models.