From a distance, the defining element of a forest is its emergent, the tree that emerges from the canopy to mark the landscape’s highest point. Our mission is to embody the spirit of the emergent: to mark the heights of integrity and efficiency in our profession, and to provide for our clients a vantage point from which to see and understand the investment landscape to help achieve financial independence and peace of mind.

Emergent Financial Services is a Hispanic-owned firm that brings together a wealth of experience in the financial industry to help institutions and individuals attain their investment or financial goals. As a boutique firm, we provide the personal and service-oriented approach that can be lost at large corporate entities.

For Individuals

We discuss your Financial Goals, help you understand your Risk Tolerances, and work with you to create an Investment Plan.

For Institutions

We can help you with cash management, fixed income strategies, and higher-growth opportunities.

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Phone: (434) 260-1690